Jane Velez-Mitchell on July 12, 2012


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Jane Velez-Mitchell on July 12, 2012 (view video above)

In Jane’s continuing adventure to a healthier lifestyle, she looks at how a persons mental state can affect their weight loss. Judi Hollis, author of “Fat is a Family Affair” and the newly released “From Bagels to Buddha,” joins Jane to discuss the psychological relationship between people and the food they eat, including overeating and the possibility that people could be addicted to food.

Jane is on an adventure toward a healthier and happier lifestyle. On this journey we are focusing on three main areas: The Lean, The Body and the Mind. Wellness expert, Kathy Freston, is leading us through her book, “The Lean” which is all about making small changes to your diet or routine that will have big results. Tom Holland, a fitness expert, is our guide for “The Body”. Tom will show us simple exercises that we can do right in our living room. And finally, we have “The Mind”.

This week Jane sat down with Judi Hollis, author of the best-seller “Fat is a Family Affair” and the upcoming book, “From Bagels to Buddha.”

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As the nation’s pioneer in eating disorders treatment, Dr. Hollis has been featured in many magazines and newspapers including, SHAPE, ELLE, COSMOPOLITAN, SOBER TIMES, PRESS ENTERPRISE, and DESERT SUN.

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