“The SuperSlim4Good program has evolved since 1975 when Dr. Hollis created the nation’s first eating disorders unit at San Pedro Hospital in the Por tof Los Angeles. Continuing hospital programs developed in downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Memphis,Tennessee. Halfway ‘Hope Houses’ emerged in San Pedro, Marina del Rey, and Manhattan Beach, California, voted in Nation’s Top Ten by SHAPE Magazine. In continuing teleseminars and private phone coaching, Dr. Hollis is bringing the same effective treatments to an international audience.”

Begging Bowl Lunch (omega NY)

Just dropping you a line to express my appreciation in fact for the insight and inspiration from reading a number of your books: Fat as a Family Affair, Hot and Heavy and From Bagels to Buddha. The insight you have shared has helped me lose 23 kgs over the last three months, but more importantly given me insight into deeper spiritual issues underlying the weight gain – especially my level of social isolation and the challenges. I loved all of your books and really marvel at your ability to express yourself in writing, particularly in the last book which I found touched my heart on a deep level. I am now trying to incorporate a more serious practice of meditation into my life, as I realize that this is a key dimension… For everything there is a season, so they say. Thank you again for your wonderful contribution to helping people understand the real spiritual maladies behind the symptom of being over-weight. I am one of the beneficiaries of this, and can’t thank you enough.

Peace and love


Rose from New Jersey sent this letter to Oprah…

My name is Rose and I have been watching your show for 20 years. I saw your show yesterday and saw your upcoming event for January 5th, which excited me. I believe that Oprah may be speaking out on her issues with food and her weight. I understand this issue since I faced a similar situation my entire life. I have been doing work very closely with a person who has helped change my life. Her name is Judi Hollis. She has helped me to realize that it is usually not about the food and that something else may be going on inside. I know intellectually Oprah understands this. For me, I came to a point in my life where I had to make a conscious decision to get real with myself. I know Oprah is not alone on this; I and many women in this country face a similar issue. I believe that Judi can help woman all over the country. She has helped change my life and at the age of 46 I believe I am now starting to find true happiness living in my own truth. I would like for Oprah to consider having Judi on the show to tell our story. Judi is a renowned author and truly cares. She is one of the first women in her field to challenge the medical profession on this issue.


letter to Oprah

I believe that Judi can help woman all over the country. She has helped change my life and at the age of 46 I believe I am now starting to find true happiness living in my own truth.


Loved the article –so much of it resonates with me.

Arlene Stettin

I’m so taken with your photo that I’m almost speechless. . . . seriously.


When I picked up Fat is a Family Affair it was as if I was reading something I had written. You were reading my mind, or I was reading a book I had written.

Becca Moran

I don’t know if you remember me or not… it was 36 years ago and we met at your house once a week for family counseling… My mom was a client, along with my 2 older brothers. I am Adele, and I came with my brothers. What a motley crew. I still hear “What you see in others is what you see in yourself” in my mind periodically. You greatly influenced my life. I am glad to see you continued your studies and have done well for yourself. You probably have no idea how much I (the rest of the family as well, I’m sure) really needed some professional intervention at that stage of our lives. Ironically, I grew up to be an alcoholic myself, (I now have 24 years in recovery) as well as a compulsive overeater. I gained 65 pounds in a year in Hawaii (my last duty station in the Navy) and it has taken me 16 years to finally lose fifty of that. I ate a wall around myself, then realized I felt safe for the first time ever when I became fat and virtually invisible. Anyway, I hope you remember us. I still remember all those pillows in the room we would meet in and the sessions. I still remember the family tree. Crazy what we remember and what we forget over the years. I look forward to hearing back from you.


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