Since 1972, Dr. Hollis has been delivering lectures and directing psychodramas at treatment centers, public health agencies, probation departments, the FBI, and colleges throughout the US.  Her inspiring message of hope for recovery from lifelong compulsive overeating can be delivered in many formats for various audiences. Below are some of the lecture topics which have been used in either keynote addresses, short television spots, hour long lectures, 3-hour workshops, or weekend or weeklong retreats.

Dr. Judi Hollis is available for these kinds of lectures:

  • Keynotes
  • Weekend retreats
  • One-day trainings
  • Or whatever suits your individual needs


In order to maintain lost weight, we must go deeper into changing not just what we eat, but our intimate relationships. Developed for health care professionals or public audiences, this lecture explores concepts of triangulation, scapegoating, family sabotage and resistance. Slide show and videos depicting cultural influences and treatment scenarios are presented along with extensive opportunity for Q & A.

This lecture is adapted from the best seller, FAT IS A FAMILY AFFAIR and can be a one-hour, all day, or weekend presentation.


Presents a deeper investigation into family struggles and more vignettes about the mother-daughter struggle in getting free from lifelong food compulsions. Explores how food is a fuel and issues of women and power and how to use fuel and energy become topics for mothers and daughters to negotiate. Each participant is asked to witness the lecture as a daughter rather than a mother, and to look at how staying lard laden and sugar coated with excess food is a way to smother that inner voice which begs to be heard.

This lecture is adapted from FAT & FURIOUS and is presented as a one hour presentation, all day seminar, or weekend retreat.


Explores the novel idea that food obsessions represent, not a disease, but a high spiritual calling. Dr. Hollis helps participants see that super sensitivity and awareness are personal gifts from which we run. Through this presentation, participants become inspired to slow down to savor eating and their sexuality to re unite with their disowned bodies. They will understand the intimate connection between how we eat and how we make love and they will see how excess food has become a sublimation of body energies crying to awaken.

This lecture is adapted from HOT & HEAVY and lends itself to one-hour, half day or full day presentations.


An actual luncheon demonstration where Dr. Hollis teaches Buddhist principles along with behavior modification techniques so that participants gain awareness about their personal, intimate relationships with the food they eat. You will be taught while you are eating. Once practicing these techniques, your relationship with food and all your other intimates will never be the same.

Adapted from Dr. Hollis’ Divine Dine video and the book HOT & HEAVY, this presentation is ideal for luncheon keynotes.

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