“From Bagels To Buddha”

In From Bagels to Buddha, a successful therapist, renowned for her work with addictive and obese families, uses her own story to illustrate her message that a spiritual life is the key to sustaining weight loss and ending food obsessions.

Dr. Hollis tells us that the path to permanent weight loss has little to do with what you are eating or what’s eating you, but rather involves changing how you behave, how you interact with others, how you face your dark side, and ultimately how you face life on life’s terms. Only then will you start eating to nurture your true inner being, and only then will enough ever be enough.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful, August 9, 2012 In this book Judi Hollis really goes through the steps it took her to become a more spiritual person, which enabled her to keep her weight off for many years. I’ve lost a lot of weight and maintained it too, and life without food – our drug – is often raw and painful. This latest book fits in nicely and importantly with Judi’s previous books, all excellent in helping to explain why we’re fat, why we overeat, what we have to do to stop. But, this book is more personal, more about Judi’s struggle in very literal terms, and it helped me a lot, made me see some of my current issues clearly – which really is her trademark. Her writing is crystal clear and playful, a pleasure to read. I highly recommend this book for anyone with an eating disorder, who’s overweight, has a food problem, or is interested in food problems. Which is everyone.


Amazon Customer

With the humor that can only come from one who’s been there, Judi transports those who once looked for enlightenment in the bakery aisle.

Victoria Moran

author of Fit from Within and The Love-Powered Diet

Judi Hollis’ brutally honest style in which she writes From Bagels to Buddha demonstrates the tremendous courage and self introspection she has used to overcome her own food addiction. She is a living example of how to get well and stay well in a society which pushes superficial pleasures, the idea that more is better, a greedy desire for things, and false facades. Judy is willing to let you see even the ugly side of herself so that you too might be encouraged to accept your own ugly and unclaimed side and find your own worth and recovery. This book will speak to anyone with an any addiction as well as encourage anyone in a twelve step program.


Amazon Customer

Dr. Hollis has found a humorous and shockingly honest way to follow the surrender process toward freedom. Her travels to distant lands and studies with a variety of mentors shows the self-acceptance that can be achieved by turning toward and opening up, instead of turning away and tightening up. With that process comes a more mindful relationship with food

Shinzen Young

author of The Science of Enlightenment

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