Do I Eat My Passion?


6 hours instant download MP3: Formerly titled “A Day of Recovery”. A weekend retreat for Overeaters Anonymous.

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Formerly titled “A Day of Recovery”. A weekend retreat for Overeaters Anonymous.

Topics include:
Does passionate mean  “I pass on eat….”?, Calling someone mid bag.., We’re smarter than we think.. don’t let therapist help you feel dumb, Know what resonates for you, Living in fear without hyperventilating, Does your head mug you?, Spousal battering.. do we invite it and then blame ourselves?, You came by it honestly, now what?, Recovery… ego deflation vs building self-esteem, What is self worth?, You’ve PAID your dues,  Painful & Incomprehensible Demoralization, If you want what I have, do what I do…., Stop hitting your head…, How to deal with “deprivation”, 3rd Zen patriarch…, Cooperative, Is the universe friendly?, Great therapy exercise, “what do you want?”, Sweat lodges, Projections and a compassionate heart, KNIT, Women desiring sex more than their partners…Put down your fork to be one, Using sexuality for your spiritual quest, Owning your animal self, TAKING ADVICE?, Intimacy=into me see, What is trust?, and Story of 100th monkey.


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